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Founded in Reykjavík during the summer of 2015 by veteran software developers hungry for turning the complex madness of legacy software and scattered organization data into a simplified, coherent, usable and zen-like user experience.  

Nobody said it was going to be easy.  Still, the challenge was out there.  "Do we always need to throw away working software?",  "What about all the detailed business logic we already have in our old software stack?".   "How to connect all the data we have scattered around different databases?"  Classic questions eh?

We don't like throwing away things.  Not the two-year-old iPhone.  Not the four-year-old printer. Nor the 5-year-old software we invested so much work and effort to put all our business information into.

And last but not least we love innovative quality engineering.  What's not to love with modern, slick, mobile applications running against all the different systems your business depends on, old and new.  We love making this stuff, we love to watch our users thrilled and we sincerely hope you'll love working with us.

you can reach us by email, Facebook or Twitter. We are also on LinkedIn.

Who are we?


Jökull jóhannsson


Chief Operating Officer (COO)

Bryndís eir kristinsdóttir

chief executive officer (CEO)

Arnþór Ingi Hinriksson


Jóhann Grétarsson

Ólafur Guðjónsson


Founder, Chief technology officer (CTO)

Jónas Sigurðsson


Legal and contracting strategy advisor

Einar Örn Davíðsson


Project and Release manager
Site Administrator for Akureyri

Sigurður Fannar Vilhelmsson

Board Member, Strategy Advisor

Thor Thors


Atli Egilsson